March 2018

Tips For Setting Up A Home Theater

We go to movie theaters as families to watch the movies we love because everything at the theaters from seating to the sounds is just right to give us the highest level of entertainment. What if you could convert your very own living space into state of the art entertainment area which will save you loads of dollars on movie tickets and time? Home theaters are a fast-growing trend among modern home owners and with the right amount of information and planning, anyone can set up their very own at a low cost. The following tips will help you successfully set up your very own home theater system.

Placing the TV and the couch

The TV is pretty much the most important component of the system and if the proper attention is not given for deciding on the placement of it, several factors will get in the way of you enjoying a movie. Making sure no glare from the light from windows during the day or from the lamps and lights at night falls on the TV screen is important because the colour intensity of even the highest quality HDTVs aren’t capable of fighting off the glare. Get the assistance of your domestic electrician Fremantle if any alterations must be made to the power supply system and the wiring of the selected area. Depending on the location of the TV, decide on where you want to keep the couch. Engineers have calculated the optimum distance between these two to be about three times the diagonal screen size of the TV if a viewer is to experience the highest quality of the display. You can however do thing differently and place the couch in any spot where you and your family members will be able to better enjoy the movies.

The Surround Sound experience

A surround sound system is a complex sound system which uses six speaker units which includes a sub-woofer for the bass sound generation, three speakers for the center, left and right and two for the rear. If you don’t have the right tools and the knowledge to set this up, obtain the services for oven repairs in Fremantle and get the job done. Such a complex system will submerge you in the atmosphere of the movie so that you’ll be able to enjoy a life-like acoustic experience.

Correct posture for 3D viewing

When watching a movie in 3D it is important to sit up straight if you want to experience the movie the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. A slouched posture will make the 3D videos appear distorted and garbled. This usually happens with couches that do not have stiff back support and are not angled properly. Equip your movie room with seating that discourages slouched postures and are equipped with stiff back support for the ideal posture.