November 2020

The Types And Manufacturing Of Plastic Sheets




Whether we believe it or not plastic have been widely used in every items we see. From home appliances to industrial product each and every item consumes plastic. Plastic can be made from varieties of organic materials for example, salt, natural gas, coal, cellulose and crude oil.  The processes involved in the making of plastic are polymerisation and poly condensation.  The extensive use of plastic sheets can be seen in industries and structural applications. There are plethora of plastic sheets which are prepared by the Corex manufacturers so do visit our website for more details. These hard plastic sheets are available with the blend of customized designs too. So to have the best quality hard plastic sheets  do get your hands on our finest plastics. The following types of plastic sheets are mentioned below, 

1) Acrylic: It is a thermoplastic and is a best alternative of glass. So it can be melted and can be given any shape required.  Thus it ensures that it  can easily bend and change its shape. Further, the acrylic prevents from discolouring and are available in variety of colours.  Also it is lighter than the glass and they are used in the museum too for the frames as they act as a protective shield against the sun but having pros there are few cons of acrylic too. First is that when the acrylic is melted which in result release toxic fumes, also it is more expensive and costly. 

2) Polycarbonate: Like acrylic the polycarbonate is easily melted and can be moulded in any shape required. Its strong and high resistance allows it to be used in buildings, windows or vehicles also.  It is strong and with its high durability the cost does not seem to bother more. Also it is great from protecting UV rays and is more clean and clearer than the glass.  

3)  Solid sheets: These can be found in HMWHDPE, HDPE, polypropylene and other polyolefin types.  HDPE is well known for its rigidity, versatility and strength. The bonus point for HDPE is that it is eco friendly which means it can be recycled more hence you can feel pretty confident when you buy such hard plastic sheets as they can be change into any shape you want to. Polypropylene is also known for its elasticity as it can deform or bend so easily without breaking and secondly it is chemically resistant which means it does not easily react to chemicals. We ensure our customers a wide and spectacular range of high quality hard plastic sheets and other packaging products and will gladly assist you in every needs. So for further information visit our website Corex or call us and our representative would guide you. For more information, please log on to